• Rafael Navarro

    Born in Zaragoza (Spain) in 1940. His work is a reflection of his inner world, where showing the obvious has rarely been a target. His fascination with nature and the importance that it exerts in his work is one of the constants in his extensive work. The human body, free from the artifices of the garment, where a fold is another kind of landscape or how cycles and time make their way and leave their mark on a stone or a vegetation.


    Author of books: Dípticos (1986), Le forme del corpo (1997), Catálogo razonado 1975-1998 (2000), Don't disturb (2001), Photobolsillo 44 (2002), En el taller de Miró (2006), Cuerpos iluminados (2006), A destiempo (2011), Elipsis (2015) y Polifonías (2016).


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