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    Mi Sombra y Yo

    Carlos Pérez Siquier

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    Losing Joan Colom

    Goodbye to a friend and great photographer

    We are very sad about the loss of Joan at the age of 96 in Barcelona. It was an enormous pleasure to share friendship and complicity for so many years and being able to offer his work at Photo Lounge. Joan, you will always be with us with your images!

    The new Photo Lounge

    100% e-commerce

    We are excited to launch the new website of Photo Lounge with a new domain www.photolounge.net. This is the fourth version of the spanish pioneer website of selling photographic prints online since its start in May 2000. We achieved a smooth transition from the concept of a classic gallery to full e-commerce and with easy mobile access. Let's celebrate this goal together with various "specials" and discounts ! We encourage you to suscribe to our newsletter for updates and to receive rewarding coupons.

    Selected gems at special prices

    Unique vintage prints for collectors. Discover the beginnings of Vari in black and white before bouncing into the Spanish scene with his remarkable color work.

    Centro Carlos Pérez Siquier

    The first Spanish photographer to have a museum dedicated to his artwork

    September 29, 2017 opens the Centro Pérez Siquier at Olula del Río, Almería. A building of 550 m2 hosts the archive and there is a permanent show of his most important works displayed in five halls www.centroperezsiquier.org

    A different mounting

    A wooden frame is being wrapped by the (gelatin silver) photo paper, just the way the very artist used to like it. Try out this inventive option de luxe  !